Spirituality in life

Man is without doubt a spiritual being. God has blessed man with intellectual capacities and the ability to emote, but at the very core he has made humans spiritual beings whose ultimate aim is to explore, discover and reform their inner self which is connected to it’s Creator – God – and it enjoys supreme bliss when it understands this God and man relationship and establishes a strong connect with God. It is this inner reform and spiritual awakening that Bhavaikya intends to bring.

The paradox however is that while man is a spiritual being, it is of the least focus, in one’s daily life. While one focuses on material growth and prosperity or struggling to survive in the world or in enjoying the illusion of worldly pleasures, the inner self is rarely or never nurtured. In fact, many forget that there is a more pure, loftier and deeper goal – to discover one’s purpose of existence by inner reform – while chasing the pleasures of this worldly life.

Bhavaikya intends to focus on reminding people of this loftier goal and to create a positive change in people’s lives.