After Death

Man has been created with enormous potential and numerous capabilities, all of which cannot find expression in his short life. There has to be a place, an avenue where all of his unseen potential finds expression and all his desires fulfilled.

Moreover, man as a thinking, social being is responsible for his actions and behaviour towards fellow human beings. Even if one cannot be held accountable for one’s actions in his worldly life, there must be a place where one must be held to account for his actions.

We, at Bhavaikya believe, that throughout human history, by and large, people have held that there is a life beyond death and that this life is permanent as opposed to this temporal life here on earth. We believe, that – God has the right to ask man about his actions, his behaviours in this earthly life, in His Court, after man’s death; to question the wrongful, criminal acts he has done and the sins he has committed; to ask man why he forgot to remember, thank and worship God; to ask man why He forgot God and chose the servitude and adoration of man-made objects; to question man about his life choices and his deeds.

We believe that man will be held accountable for whatever he believes in and does in this life and that his ultimate abode will be the abode of Swarga or Naraka, and that will be decided by God alone based on one’s Karma or actions.