Idea of god

The word ‘God’ means different things to different people based on their faith, culture, upbringing, environment, language, and intellectual level. However, throughout history and geographical landscape, we can also see that at the purest level, the basic idea of God has remained the same.

We at Bhavaikya believe that the Creator of this cosmos is One (Obba, Ekam) and that this Supreme, Invisible (Agochara), Unfathomable (Agrahya, Alavariyalaagada) Power (Shakti) has created us all equally and had made us spiritual beings at the very core of our existence. Bhavaikya holds that – as creations of this Supreme Power we must show the utmost love, reverence, worship, devotion and servitude to the One God alone; all our acts of worship and prayers (Prarthana) must be directed to the One God; that we must chant his name, his praises and thank Him for his favours (Krupe, Daye); that we must bow down to Him alone in humility and make best efforts to establish a connection of our inner self with the One God.

We believe that God is Gracious (Karunaakara, Dayaalu) and that he loves his beings more than they love themselves. So, we must all love God and be kind towards everyone.